BlazeVideo Influencer Affiliate Program

Influencer Affiliate Program


BlazeVideo is a registered brand name, who are a manufacturer who focus on designing, making and selling high quality Trail cameras. We are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. We also offer product wholesale, OEM, brand distribution and brand agent for our trail cameras. We are seeking the local brand distributor, brand agent and resellers for our trail cameras all over the world. We are a top brand on Amazon US.

BlazeVideo has established a long-term business partnership with many influential YouTubers and bloggers, Forums of many technology websites in US, CA, Australia, Germany and UK now. We are grateful to every influencer who helps us increasing more awareness in the market, and now we are even more eager to cooperate with more social media influencers around the world. Join the program, help us grow and earn the huge benefits you deserve.


  • A free sample*( This gift is for the influencer who has at least 50000 subscribers)
  • An ultimate exclusive coupon*
  • Earn money of 7% of the gain for every purchase sold whenever customers used your exclusive coupons*
  • More special offers include loyalty rewards and privileges

If you are interested to join the BlazeVideo influencer affiliate program, please fill the form, we will evaluate your influence and contact you back soon.

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*You must have at least 50000 subscribers to join the affiliate program. Otherwise, you are welcomed to join the Review for Us Program. 
*For every qualified influencer, we designate you an exclusive unlimited-times high-discounted coupon in your name. 
*Recommend BlazeVideo trail camera in your favorite way and share your exclusive coupon to your subscribers. When they purchase products from BlazeVideo Official Store ( using your exclusive coupon, you'll receive a commission of 7% of the gain of every product for 12 months.
*Commissions will automatically be deposit to your PayPal account at the end of every month. Coupon expires automatically in 12 months or ask for a renewal. 
*BlazeVideo makes the final decision regarding the affiliate program awards and reserves the right to change or end the affiliate program at any time.