Things You Should Know Before Buying Night Vision Goggles

night vision goggle

Getting your hands on the most effective night vision goggles is a difficult task. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, having good quality night vision goggles can actually enhance your experience. For wildlife lovers, there is nothing more rewarding than watching night-time animals in their environments. However, there are several points that must be considered before rushing into buying night vision goggles. Here are some of the things you should know before making a purchase:


You must consider the gain before getting your hands on night vision goggles. Now you must be wondering what gain is? Gain is the relative level of light that can be seen when you are looking through the device. If you are buying night vision goggles for hunting, then go for high gain goggles.


The kind of night vision goggles you need will largely depend on the purpose of your night-time viewing and the environment in which they will be used. Moreover, you must consider distance as a deciding factor as well. If you plan to see things that are close, there is no point in spending on the gear that sees further.

Night Vision scope

Quality of Image

The better the quality of the image, the easier it will be for you to see objects through your night vision goggles. Remember, better quality means higher costs. This is why you must know what level of gain you need and in what environment you will be using it. It is not wise to spend money on something you don’t need. Many people opt for night vision goggles that are easy to use so they end up buying smaller, lighter, and cheaper models. Carefully consider the application before buying the night vision goggles.


This is the characteristic that allows the device to display two close points separately. The higher the resolution of the night vision goggles, the clear the image will be. So if you want to enjoy a clear image, always look for a high-resolution device.

Magnification and Field Of View

One important thing to know is that night vision goggles don’t have the ability to magnify an image. However, this is not always a bad thing. A device with a magnification of 1x provides the widest field of view that is more than enough in many cases.

Weather Resistance

Ensure that the night vision goggles you are buying have a waterproof case and are able to withstand heavy shock loads. Besides that, make sure the body of the goggles is made of super-structural plastic.


Did you know that night vision goggles need their own source of electrical energy? Make sure the chemical batteries used by your device have a longer battery life. This way, you won’t have to change the batteries very often.

Weight, User-friendliness, and Size

Night vision goggles are worn on the head almost all the time, so make certain that the device is light in weight. Large size and excessive weight can make you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, pay special attention to the weight and size of the device.