Everything you need to know about Time-lapse Photography

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You can use a high-quality time lapse camera to do some amazing time lapse photography. With the help of a time lapse camera, you can capture everything ranging from city traffic to beautiful cloudy sky. Here is everything you need to know for taking some great time lapse videos:

time lapse Photography

What Is Time-Lapse Photography?

A photographer uses cinematography techniques to do time-lapse photography. A series of still images are taken at regular intervals for a while and then those sequence of images is played through rapidly. For example, individual shots are taken of a flower growing and then it is made in a video showing how it goes from seedling to blooming.

The main aim of time-lapse photography is to create an illusion with the help of high-speed movement. It manipulates time to make it look like the subject is moving rapidly. Moreover, time-lapse photography is mostly used to capture slow processes that otherwise wouldn’t be quite visible or interesting to be viewed like sunrise and sunset or the growth of plants. Additionally, time-lapse photography can also be used to capture fast movements to make them even faster such as a a crowded city sidewalk. You can use a reliable and premium quality time lapse camera to capture some outstanding time lapses.

What Equipment Do You Need for Time-Lapse Photography?

Time-lapse photography needs a couple of pieces of equipment:

A time lapse camera: Although you can use any camera or smartphone for time-lapse photography, it is best to get your hands on a proper time lapse camera that comes with inbuilt features that can help you with making good time lapses. When you have a time lapse camera, it makes time-lapse photography easier for you and ensures that you require less equipment to take some great time-lapse photos.

A tripod: When it comes to time-lapse photography, a tripod is a need. You require a tripod because your time lapse camera must stay perfectly still in order to avoid blurry pictures and to focus on the steady movement of your subject.

An intervalometer: It is an external device, though in some cases, software can also be downloaded to your camera. An intervalometer basically tells the time lapse camera to take pictures at specific intervals for a specific period. The best thing about it is that it prevents you from standing next to your time lapse camera to manually press the shutter button now and then.

What Are the Best Camera Settings for Creating a Time-Lapse?

It may sound a little scary especially if you are a beginner to time lapse camera settings, but when shooting a time-lapse video, it is good to shoot in manual settings. Moreover, manual settings give you the best results as compared to auto mode. When you set your time lapse camera to automatic, the camera itself decides for you how to correct the light levels. Plus, it won’t correct the changing light levels and can even overcompensate for light change resulting in a flickering video.