How Do Night Vision Goggles Work?

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Have you ever wondered how do night vision goggles work? All of us have grown up seeing movies about a spy who uses special glasses to see in the dark. These special glasses are called night vision goggles.

Many people doubt their abilities, but the fact is that these devices actually work. Plus, the highest-quality night vision goggles can help people see over yards away during night time.

How do night vision goggles work?

Before getting into how they work it’s important to understand a couple of things about light. Remember, that not all light is visible. The light you can see is known as visible light. It’s a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. However, there are other types of lights that cannot be seen by the naked eye including infrared and ultraviolet light.

There are two different kinds of technologies used in night vision goggles. One is image enhancement and the other is thermal imaging.

Image enhancement makes it easier for us to see the image by amplifying the existing light. Even if it’s a completely dark night, there is still some bits of light present. Some of this light is infrared that humans can’t see. The image enhancement technology collects all the available light. Further, it amplifies it so people can easily see what is going on in the dark.

The other technology is thermal imaging. As the name suggests, it has to do something with heat. Hot objects that may include human bodies give off some heat in the form of infrared light. Thermal imaging present in night vision goggles captures that infrared light. This allows you to see the object in the dark.

Thermal imaging is perfect for the darkest conditions and for the times when you are trying to see people in the dark. The majority of night vision goggles use image enhancement technology.

Night vision goggles are mostly used by military and law enforcement agencies. They help in finding people in the dark. Moreover, these goggles are ideal for navigation and surveillance.

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Tips, Tricks and Buying Mistakes

  • One of the biggest mistakes people make while buying night vision goggles is that they don’t buy them from a reputable company. You can get them at cheaper rates from local shops or garages that build goggles themselves but they are not worth it. They do not use high-quality tubes and don’t offer an extensive warranty.
  • Another mistake people make is not buying night vision goggles according to their needs. Make sure you are buying the correct generation. There is a difference between GEN1 AND GEN3 and if you are not sure about your decision, it’s better to take help from an expert.
  • There are a few companies that have started night vision goggles rental programs. This is a good way to try out different devices before making a serious investment.

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