BlazeVideo Trail Camera – Just the Right Game Camera for Wildlife Loving Campers

BlazeVideo Trail Camera – Just the Right Game Camera for Wildlife Loving Campers

BlazeVideo Trail Camera – Just the Right Game Camera for Wildlife Loving Campers

If your main purpose behind camping is to enjoy watching wildlife at the campsite, you may certainly need a good trail camera along with other kinds of camping gear. Capturing animals and birds in the camera and watching their colors for years to come is true fun. But this needs the trail camera to have certain different characteristics than a regular camera.

Firstly, as the camera will be used in the wild, it should be extremely sturdy. Secondly, as it will shoot the motion most of the times, it should be highly motion sensitive too. Thirdly, it should have a great connectivity as well as consistent transmissions if you wish to view images and footages from the comfort of your home!

Now you may wonder if all these features can be present in one single camera. But the good news is that they are. And the name of the camera is BlazeVideo Trail Camera!

This wonderful game camera is 16MP and 1080P and is multi-function given its convenience and ability to perform well. It’s interesting to look into its features.

Features of BlazeVideo Trail Camera

Stealthy Design

BlazeVideo Trail Camera features a Camo design which makes the camera stealthy and so, convenient for watching and researching wildlife. It’s also perfect for camping, riding, exploring and as a sport camera. What’s more, you can even use it as a security camera for home and office due to its wide angle, night vision, movement sensitivity and other features.


BlazeVideo Trail Camera has a square shape, like other game cameras. It’s available in a hardshell case in three colors, viz. green, black and no glow. It doesn’t have an antenna; however, its range is excellent because of its cellular capabilities. And of course, it’s waterproof.

Easy Controls

When it comes to controls, the BlazeVideo has easy-to-push buttons. The trigger distance and trigger time can be easily controlled just with a push of a button. The trigger distance can be as far as 20 meters or 65 feet and the trigger time is 0.6 seconds. Its LCD is 2.4 inches.

Various Modes

BlazeVideo Camera has various modes which offer you great versatility. It can shoot excellently at night due to its monochrome mode. Also, it’s also able to capture both image and video due to its cam + video mode.

It also has a time-lapse mode which can also be customized to set intervals of captures or if you wish to automatically capture the entire day in the time-lapse. Thus, you can capture the growing process of a plant, blooming of a bud, bird’s nest and more. You can use this feature with Timer to conveniently meet your timetable.

Dependable Sensor

The 65° PIR sensor of BlazeVideo game camera can detect a wider angle and has a night vision up to 20 meters or 65 feet. It also has the ability to work in the temperatures -20~+60 degree C/-4~+140 degree F.

HD Photos and Videos

The ability to shoot at HD is another great feature of the BlazeVideo camera. While the maximum setting for images is 16MP, it’s 1080P for videos.

Prolonged Battery Life

BlazeVideo also reportedly has a prolonged battery life even in the standby mode. It can last for around 3 to 6 months. An auto power off feature has also been provided due to which it will turn off automatically in 5 minutes.


For security of your camera, a password can be set and if it’s stolen, you can track the spot from where it’s used to capture images from a serial number function.

So, what do you think? Don’t you think that you’ve finally met with just the right game camera you were looking for?

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