With the rise of technology in every field and industry in today’s world, the tasks of a human being’s life have become simplified and calculated. One of the most used forms of technology by a human being in daily life is a camera. We take pictures to collect memories, record events and so on. But the industry has been in dire need of a camera that has certain new features beneficial in situations where the standard camera does not take the lead. Here is where the trail camera makes its entrance.


Trail cameras have been invented to help one shoot a video or capture a photo during day and night. These cameras are highly durable, waterproof and can capture photos and shoot videos on the internal memory of the camera. They have night vision and are undetectable from a long distance. These qualities make the trail camera or game camera the ideal sort of camera to have for hunters, wildlife viewers and so on.


Now that the basic description is laid out about what a trail camera is, lets introduce you to the best one in the market. Are you hunter or a wildlife viewer? Are you looking for a camera that can do a shoot for you without requiring a photographer? Well, you are in exactly the right place if so. Because in this article we are going to be talking about the BlazeVideo Game Trail and Tree Camera Field Cam 16MP 1080P IP66. It has all the features that an ideal game camera would have. The fact that it is 16 megapixels is extremely beneficial because as a wildlife hunter, one must watch and record from far away. The resolution quality allows the captured photos and shot videos to be clear and in-focus. This camera comes with a high resolution of 1080P. It has night vision feature for shootings done at a 20 distance from target. It has IP66 waterproof quality. It has the ability to be protected by a password which means your camera and content are always going to be secure. It also has the time lapse feature which allows you to shoot videos in a time lapse mode which is quite a popular mode of videography.


The camera itself is extremely easy to use and is compatible with PCs to view your camera footage and photos. It is important to have a few different working modes on a trail camera. This one comes with three live working modes. They are Video only, Camera only and Video + Camera. In the Video + Camera mode, you decide which one happens first as in whether the photos are taken first, or the video is shot first. During trigger events, both work simultaneously to produce footage and shots. The deign of the camera is that of camouflage to help with the wildlife observing or even security usage. The camera has a no glow flash function meaning that it produces flash that is invisible to human eyes. It is made up of high efficiency infrared rays. It also has night vision function to take great photos and shoot videos at night.

All of these features combined make the Blaze Video Game Trail and Tree Camera Field Cam 16MP 1080P IP66 the best trail camera in the market. It is durable, easy to use and makes the hunting observing experience a great one.





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