BLAZEVIDEO CAMERA – the best device to capture wildlife

BLAZEVIDEO CAMERA – the best device to capture wildlife

The BlazeVideo game trail and tree camera field cam is one of the best devices in the market to really capture the essence of wildlife in a spectacular way. The 16 Megapixel 1080P camera has a night mode and is utterly waterproof. It bears the look of a camouflage cover and is easy to carry in the woods and forests. It is easy to carry in general as there is not much of unnecessary weight on it. It comes with a stand of its own that can be put up in the woods for video shootings and continued snapshots.


Perhaps one of the greatest features of this camera is the night shift mode. In this mode, the special infrared technology used in flash system of the camera is utilized to capture clear and high-quality photos. You do not need to worry if the animal you want to capture comes out a lot only at nighttime. This camera lets you take beautiful shots even at nighttime with ease. The photos that are captured from this camera have a time stamp so you can know with easy that when a particular photo was captured. The waterproof ability of the camera makes it great for taking photos and shooting videos where there is a chance of getting water on the camera. This is common for wildlife photographers, so protecting the camera must come first. But by being waterproof, the camera makes this part convenient for the user by not having to take any extra steps to protect the camera or even sometimes not being able to shoot anything just because the camera could be damaged.


The camera is great for hunting purposes as it is camouflaged by its skin and can be put on the stand to watch the prey. The camera is motion activated so if it detects any sort of movement in the lens it will immediately start taking shots. This is a great feature to get alerted that the prey is in sight and hunting can be done. The time-lapse mode allows the user to film videos in a sped-up manner which are great for use on social media.


Another great feature of this product is protected. A camera that is being used for personal use must have some sort of feature to protect the user’s content from being accessed by unauthorized users. This is easily achievable by this game trail camera as there is a password protection feature in it. It will protect the data and the camera. The camera can also be connected to the PC without any hardships. The camera is built-in stealth mode meaning it is capable to be taken on hikes, rides and camping trips, etc. Overall, it is an all in one package for a game trail camera.

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